Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jason Nikouyeh: How the diabetic shoes from Duramedix Healthcare benefit diabetics

From Jason Nikouyeh

For Duramedix Healthcare and its Chief Operating Officer Jason Nikouyeh, diabetes can be considered as a “common disease” with specific needs as “every diabetic’s needs are unique.”

Thus, the company devised ways to cater to these needs, one of which is by providing them with industry-specified diabetic shoes.

Diabetic shoes help solve one of the common problems of people with diabetes – poor feet condition. These shoes protect patients’ feet from cuts and bruises, to which they became more susceptible due to poor circulation and damaged nerves.

Diabetic shoes are specially designed to provide the feet with proper ventilation that can improve blood circulation. They are also made with removable insoles and are customized to be extra wide and spacious for proper redistribution of pressure points and nerve protection.

From Jason Nikouyeh

Jason Nikouyeh leads Duramedix’s product development process. He was hired by the company in January 2006.”

The Duramedix diabetic shoes come in different styles and forms (rubber shoes, leather shoes, and casual shoes, among others). So wherever the patients intend to use them, be it in playing sports or attending a special occasion, they will be able to find the perfect pair for them.

Duramedix commits to seeking solutions that can help you live a pain-free and healthy lifestyle. Learn more about the company and Jason Nikouyeh by visiting www.duramedix.com. Duramedix’s complete line of products can also be accessed on the site.

From Jason Nikouyeh