Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jason Nikouyeh: Duramedix Healthcare and its Bariatric Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay System

Jason Nikouyeh is the Chief Operating Officer of Duramedix Healthcare. The company is recognized as America’s top provider of medical equipment, supplies, and specialty healthcare products.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image credit: Duramedix.com

The Bariatric Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay System, a product offered by Duramedix Healthcare, provides an accurate and adjustable pressure monitoring system that features an advanced pump with a built-in microprocessor that monitors and maintains an appropriate amount of pressure while stimulating healthy blood circulation. The product is specifically designed for the prevention, treatment, and management of pressure ulcers. The technology contains the following features:

• The mattress functions in an alternating pressure mode.
• Static perimeter tubing runs the length of the mattress, preventing the patient from becoming trapped between the mattress and side rails.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image credit: Duramedix.com

Jason Nikouyeh ensures that Duramedix Healthcare provides what patients with sickness or injury need in order for them to live life to the fullest.

• Cell-on-Cell design prevents “bottoming out” in the event of power failure.
• LED and audible alarm activate when mattress pressure falls below 10 mmHg.
• Noise-free pump produces 8 liters per minute in air flow.
• Mattress has 20 air bladders, nine with laser hose to attain minimum air loss, helping to keep the patient cool and recover faster.
• 8-inch cells are constructed with Nylon or TPU that is soft and light-weight.
• Spring-lined tubing prevents twisting and helps maintain airflow.
• Based on “quick fill” adapter standard.
• Ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care.

Jason Nikouyeh. Photo credit: Duramedix.com

For more information about Jason Nikouyeh and Duramedix Healthcare, log on to www.duramedix.com.