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Jason Nikouyeh and Duramedix Healthcare: Erecting old poles sans manual operation

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This latest blog post for Jason Nikouyeh deals with a frustrating middle-age male-exclusive condition called erectile dysfunction and how Duramedix Healthcare could provide those suffering from the condition with a means to a solution.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual dysfunction in males that is characterized by the inability to obtain and maintain an adequate erection for satisfactory sexual performance. Problems with erections may stem from medications use, chronic illnesses, excessive alcohol intake, or poor blood flow to the penis. One myth surrounding the occurrence of the condition, however, is that ED is an inevitable part of aging. The maintenance of sexual health is a life-long process, and turning 65 doesn’t cripple a man’s ability to engage in satisfying sexual relations.

Jason Nikouyeh, Duramedix CEO, believes that every American must have access to top-brass medical supplies that offer consistent and cost-efficient performance.

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“Vacuum therapy” devices, also known as penis pumps, are used in conjunction with a vacuum constriction device and are the preferred treatment modalities when pharmacologic treatment (e.g., Viagra) doesn’t work. In the past, vacuum therapy devices were manually operated, requiring men to pump the bulb at the end of the device first before achieving an erection. There was a danger of “over-pumping” that could result to the bursting of blood vessels, and in worst cases, cause the penis to rupture.

Jason Nikouyeh oversees the day-to-day operations of Duramedix Healthcare.

On a more progressive note, recent years have seen the development of technology that could address the aforementioned problem. Battery-powered vacuum therapy devices can now provide men with sizable erections at the flick of the switch. Electric vacuum increases the pressure and delivers pleasure with safe, gentle suction and stimulation minus the effort and risks of using manual pumps.

Duramedix Healthcare offers a Battery-operated Vacuum Therapy System that includes five difference ring sizes and an easy-to-use ring loading applicator. Its patented ‘ring ejection system’ facilitates hassle-free removal to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction.

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Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit:

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