Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jason Nikouyeh and the success of Duramedix Healthcare

While the success of Duramedix Healthcare, a North Carolina-based medical supplies provider, may be attributed to its creative marketing strategies, one cannot doubt that Jason Nikouyeh’s good leadership played a vital role.

Jason Nikouyeh Image Credit: Duramedix.com

Since its inception in 2006, Duramedix Healthcare Chief Operating Officer Nikouyeh has been leading the company into the highest rung of the competitive healthcare market. Guided by the collective strength of the people who make up the whole organization, Nikouyeh has effectively summoned unto himself the entrepreneurial spirit of his family and made his own mark in the healthcare business. Drawing from a decade of professional experience in the healthcare industry, the young COO has, over time, easily positioned the company as one of the reputed providers of quality medical products in the United States.

Jason Nikouyeh Image Credit: www.duramedix.com

With the sheer interest on the healthcare enterprise, Jason Nikouyeh properly delivered whatever his executive role demands and smoothly guided the company to different successful ventures. It is also worth noting that he took all possible efforts to capture various segments in the market and built a niche for the company’s services and products. With all his positive business approaches, it is not surprising that Duramedix Healthcare today prides itself as the top medical equipment and supplies provider in the United States. Currently, Duramedix Healthcare boasts of a complete line of quality home medical equipment offered at different cost-effective prices.

Jason Nikouyeh Image Credit: www.duramedix.com 

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