Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jason Nikouyeh: Duramedix Healthcare and the importance of patient education

As the Chief Operating Officer of Duramedix Healthcare, Jason Nikouyeh supervises the company’s day-to-day processes to ensure that the medical supplies imported and supplied come directly from reputable manufacturers that specialize in the execution and design of innovative products manufactured using the latest technology available. By doing this, customers are assured of only the best medical supplies available in the market.

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The medical equipment supplier, however, must go beyond the role of a dealer. The supplier must acknowledge the fact that patients’ first encounter with medical equipment can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience, which may lead to inefficiency that could ultimately result to the failure of the entire treatment regimen.

Jason Nikouyeh recognizes this crucial aspect of medical management. That is why in Duramedix Healthcare, patient education is an integral part of the process.

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Duramedix Healthcare focuses its attention on patient education and product training, making sure that the customers’ every need, apprehension, or question is addressed. The company’s staff takes time to review each product with the client, following them up and reinforcing them as necessary to make sure that expected outcomes are met.

Doing this encourages patient compliance, which is greatly contributory to the overall success of medical management. Pamphlets and instructional materials can never take the place of personal attention being provided by the right people.

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More than mere sales, genuine heart in healthcare provision is critical to the art and science of saving, preserving, and improving lives.

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