Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jason Nikouyeh: Preventing decubitus ulcers the Duramedix way

Duramedix Healthcare and its Chief Operating Officer, Jason Nikouyeh, recognize the primacy of decubitus ulcer prevention in the management of clients who are rendered immobile by their primary medical condition.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit: duramedix.com

Decubitus ulcers, also known as pressure ulcers, are secondary lesions caused by unrelieved pressure on soft tissues overlying bony prominences. This pressure obstructs the blood flow to the superficial tissues, causing ischemia, leading to tissue damage and ultimately, necrosis (or tissue death). The outset of the ulceration is almost imperceptible, initially starting as a red, painful area. However, if the pressure remains unrelieved, the necrosis can reach as far as the subcutaneous tissues, the muscles, and the bones, causing an irreparable crater that is highly susceptible to infection.

Though decubitus ulcers may be prevented by faithfully following a turning schedule, Duramedix Healthcare COO Jason Nikouyeh offers an effective recourse that is less tedious than manual patient turning.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit: duramedix.com

Duramedix currently offers a line of specialty mattresses specifically designed to relieve pressure from pressure points to patients who are prone to the development of decubitus ulcers.

These mattresses are made from materials such as gel bladders, air cells, and nylon covers that help ease the pressure from bony prominences, mitigating the risk for ulcer formation. These mattresses also work in a way that weight capacity is improved and that pressure redistribution is optimized. Covers are also designed to reduce friction and shear—the two forces that greatly contribute to the formation of decubitus ulcers.

Duramedix Healthcare offers a wide range of high-end but affordable medical supplies. To access more information on the company and its COO, Jason Nikouyeh, visit www.duramedix.com.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit: duramedix.com

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