Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jason Nikouyeh: Quality service is free at Duramedix Healthcare

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Duramedix Healthcare Chief Operating Officer Jason Nikouyeh makes sure that the company values its clients the way it values itself. Founded in 2006, Duramedix Healthcare rose from a budding company to one of the biggest and most successful medical supplies provider in the country. While good marketing and business approaches pushed the company to the top of the industry, Nikouyeh’s emphasis on customer service and giving value to clients probably explains more the reason for the company’s success.

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In fact, Duramedix Healthcare takes pride on the fact that it “has been satisfying customers” in its provision of “medical equipment, supplies, and healthcare products to patients nationwide.” Under Jason Nikouyeh’s guidance, the company continues on providing quality products and ensuring “positive outcomes” for the patients.

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Aside from its complete line of quality home medical equipment, supplies, and healthcare products offered at different cost-effective prices, the company also tries to put premium on the quality of service that it provides. As much as possible, the company wants to give the best, whether it’s a product or a service.

An anonymous client’s testimonial posted in the company website probably attests to this fact:

“I had no idea that my insurance would pay for my diabetic testing supplies. Best of all, I no longer worry about running out; Duramedix reminds me when it's time to re-order. Thanks so much for everything Duramedix!”

That probably says it all. For Nikouyeh, Duramedix Healthcare is not only doing business; it’s fulfilling a mission.

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